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ABB, Inc.ABB is a Technology-Based Provider of Electrical
Power Products, Systems, Solutions, and Services.

Power Transformer Division

Large & Medium Power Transformers, Small Power Transformers, Distribution Transformers Including Pole Type, Pad Mounted, and Underground

Dry Type Power Transformer Division

Dry Type Small Power Transformers (112.5 KVA-10 MVA), VPI, VPE, Resiblock Cast Resin and Cast Coil Transformers, Disconnect and Grounding Air Switches

Power Circuit Breaker Division

34 kV-765 kV Power Circuit Breakers

Protective Equipment Division

Intermediate & Station Class Arrestors, Reclosers & Breakers, Oil Instrument Transformers, Cutouts & Line Traps

Distribution Switchgear Division

Power Circuit Breakers, Switchgear, SafeGear Arc Resistant Metalclad Switchgear, 5-27 kV MetalClad Switchgear, LV Secondary Unit Substations, Drawout Power Circuit Breakers, Pad Mounted Switchgear, Sectionalizing Enclosures

Relay Division

Solid State and Microprocessor Distribution Protection Formerly ASEA, ITE & Brown Boveri Relays.  HV Protection, Substation Control Relays and Communication & Relay Components

Power Quality Apparatus

Power Quality Systems, HV Power Capacitors, Specialty Capacitors, Harmonic Filters

Transformer Components Division

Power & Distribution Transformer Components Including Bushings, LV Breakers, Breaker Operating Mechanisms, Protective Links, Fuses

Instrument Transformers & Kulhman

Instrument Transformers, Molded Current & Voltage Transformers 600V to 500KV

Substations Division

AC & DC Transmission Systems, Reactive Compensation, Station Electrics, Generator Breakers, GIS

Integrated Logistics Support

Renewal Parts & Uprating Kits for Westinghouse Power Transformers, Power Circuit Breakers, GE Large Power Transformers, ITE Oil & SF6 Power Circuit Breakers, ASEA Power Transformers and Replacement Bushings, Out-of-Warranty Field Service

Turnkey Projects

Selected Projects Including Engineering, Equipment, Installation, Commissioning, Insurance, Project Management, Training, Maintenance

ABB Service

Complete Service Capabilities for All Transmission and Distribution Equipment, All Makes & Manufacturers

Electrical Product Sales, Inc. is an Independent Sale Representative for ABB, Inc.

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Alpha Technologies

Utility and Industrial DC Systems and

Battery Systems

Sealed and Flooded Lead Acid

Nickel Cadmium

Lead Antimony Gel

Tubular OPzS


Single & Three Phase UPS Systems


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Byrom Labs


Complete Line of

Metering Equipment for

Commercial, Residential, and Industrial Use


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Green Lighting Group

Green Lighting Group is a technology driven lighting management and
energy conservation company. GLG’s innovative electronic ballast
solution combined with our proprietary state of the art
iLighting Manager™ software enables you to achieve
a combined savings of up to 70% on your HID lighting
energy costs.

An Alaskan Native Company

Industrial Electric Mfg.


Medium & Low Voltage Power

Distribution Systems and Power Quality Solutions for the

Industrial, Construction, Data Centers, and Utility Industries

Including Mission Critical Custom Integrated Power Systems


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Niedax, Inc.


Heavy Duty Cable Tray, Raceway, and

Wire Management Systems for

Industrial, Utility, Communication & Data

Institutional, Commercial, and Marine Applications

Available in Galvanized & Stainless Steel

In Stock in Ohio


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Power RICH System


The Power RICH System is a

Windows based SCADA System specifically designed for

Power Monitoring and Control Systems using

Industry standard OPEN protocol and

communications media


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High Quality

Testing Equipment and

Services for the

Global Power Industry


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UL-1741 Listed TEALsolar™

Configurable Combiner Box Product Family for

Commercial and Utility Scale Solar PV applications

UL-1741 Listed PVobserver™ Wireless String Monitoring and

Communications Option for

TEALsolar™ Configurable Combiner Box Product Family


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Non-Segregated Phase,

Metal Enclosed Bus Duct

through 38KV, and up to 6000 Amp

Isolated Phase Bus Systems for

Main Generator Leads

up to 50,000 Amps


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